How to avoid difficult capability conversations using IMPROVE

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Improve and Capability

With modern-day businesses being so fast-paced it is often hard to schedule a time to train and develop your employees, yet it is so important not to neglect the continual development of your team, especially with people working remotely at the moment.

We firmly believe that people are at the very heart of the success of any business and are subsequently your biggest asset. Looking after and growing your people to be the absolute best they can be will not only ensure your business runs smoothly, yet also increase the engagement, motivation and abilities of your team so that they can truly deliver results for you and drive your business forward. 

Our IMPROVE online learning platform is the ideal and cost-effective solution for a time pressurised organisation. Employees can quickly run through training modules bespoke to them without having to travel to an external training course and take large amounts of time out of their working day.

IMPROVE offers over 50 high-quality training courses and modules are designed by learning professionals to be relevant, effective and engaging.

So why is training so important?

For a myriad of reasons. It leads to increased productivity and performance whilst also ensuring uniformity of work practices. It also significantly reduces the need for high levels of supervision. It allows for succession planning in order that promotion can occur from within your business without having to hire externally and incur the costs associated with this.

With an organised training programme in place, this stops employees learning by trial and error and subsequently key things being missed. You can develop training courses in everything from your quality procedures to how to process your expenses.

Training also does wonders for employee morale. Your team members will feel like they are part of a supportive Company where they are appreciated, which will boost their morale and make them approach tasks with more confidence. Not only this but it improves their skills, allowing them to work more professionally and productively. Customers will feel the impact of this elevated service which benefits your business.

Training also improves employee knowledge of Company policies and goals. This assists employees to fully understand their Company’s values and vision. This in turn leads to a better work environment where employees are encouraged to feel valued and welcomed.

Capability and training

Perhaps you just have certain individuals who are perfectly capable of undertaking their job but for some reason their performance is falling below par. Training is a critical part of improving employee performance. IMPROVE’s training covers six key areas so you can easily select bespoke courses for those areas in which your employees are struggling; these are as follows:

  • Legislation and regulation
  • People and relationships
  • Online and offline safety
  • Digital and IT skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Home Working Toolkit

It also has the functionality for you to upload your own training modules that are critical and bespoke to your business.

We recently used the IMPROVE system with a client who had one employee who really struggled with raising issues to the management team. Whilst he was perfectly able to undertake the job, this non-flagging of concerns led to small issues becoming insurmountable problems as they tried to deal with these without support.

This employee was effectively and quickly trained on handling difficult conversations, being assertive, problem-solving and decision making, influencing and negotiating and effective time management; courses all available as standard within the system. The employee now has no concern with raising problems as and when they arise so they can be addressed there and then.

We have a demo/trial system all ready to go so get in touch with us today if you want access to over 50 courses, we can also help with designing and writing bespoke courses that satisfy your operational needs and assist with any capability issues before they become difficult conversations.

Get in touch 0118 324 2526

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