HR Audit and Legal Compliance – how boring?!

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HR Audit and Legal Compliance – how boring?!

We know that employment law can be a nightmare to keep on top of and navigate, especially as updates are implemented at least twice a year. No doubt you’re busy working in your business, keeping it productive, increasing sales, and may have little spare time to consider how to resolve your HR issues. Being so busy, you’re probably reluctant to spend the extra time necessary to create those important HR processes and policies. But doing so both helps your HR run smoothly and saves you time, money and anguish in the long run!

I know, we get it – it sounds counterproductive to have to spend precious time creating HR processes and policies. What a bore, eh? But it is worth it? We are firm believers that we should stick to working within areas of the business that we are good at – you are a successful operational business owner, we are successful professional human resources consultants with a proven track record of ensuring HR departments are compliant with employment legislation.

You can save time by booking an Audit with HRCentral; we will outline exactly what you need to do. By carrying out an HR audit, we will pinpoint precisely where the gaps are. Better still, to save you even more time, we will implement the solutions for you too!

Is your HR function aligned with current legislation?

 We evaluate your HR function during a meeting with the decision makers within your business. Highlighting any improvements required, the ultimate aim of the audit is to help you adopt best practice standards which, in turn, helps you to be legally HR compliant and retain productive and efficient staff.

For instance, do you know whether you’re compliant with the current Pensions legislation? What about how GDPR impacts the storage and use of your HR data? Have you had the headspace or time to research that yet? Are you compliant? Do you have problems with regular absenteeism? Tell us your HR problems, they will likely be linked to a bigger, far reaching issue that needs to be resolved to stop these issues from reoccurring. Are you dealing with the same issues over and over again?

Finally, we provide you with a detailed report highlighting the areas that require attention. We also include longer term considerations to ensure that your business achieves its goals and objectives. Usually, our reports use a system:

  • Green to identify areas fit for purpose
  • Amber to indicate areas that would benefit your business if those actions were implemented
  • Red to highlight areas that require immediate attention

We can take the strain of those difficult conversations with staff that you find uncomfortable to implement; the issues, if left unresolved, will become more and more destructive. We will help with pragmatic advice or assist you by implementing all the necessary actions. Freeing up your time considerably and removing those recurring HR nightmares.

 Need to deal with the issues, but don’t want an atmosphere in the office?

One of our clients had a senior member of the management team who was disruptive, divided the team and caused endless problems that rippled through the business, the team was customer facing and needed to be engaged and motivated. Something had to be done!

We engaged with the employee under the banner of ‘capability’. The business owner was involved – but at a distance. The risk analysis of the situation and the awkward conversations were all managed by HRCentral … whilst the senior decision makers managed the day to day running of the business. We planned; we held meetings, documented the outcome and left via the back door, only to return at target review time. No unpleasant atmosphere at the coffee machine, just problem resolution. That person is still gainfully employed within the business and is effective and motivated.

HRCentral helps you with legal compliance!

We will help your business run more efficiently and productively by ensuring you’re completely in line with existing employment law requirements. Carrying out an HR audit will also pinpoint areas of concerns such as how to cope with absenteeism, challenging behaviours, or a lack of productivity. We will help you to put in place regular ‘appraisal’ type discussions with your employees, which helps measure and improve their performance. Could your most expensive resource be more productive?

HRCentral will work with you to alleviate the pressures of employing and managing staff. For more information on how we can help, call me on 07968 787182 or email me on to tell me which HR issues you need help with resolving.

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