Outsourced Human Resources – why bother?

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Why use an HR Consultancy instead of hiring an in-house Human Resource?  

You may think you just need an HR Consultant for one particular task, a tricky disciplinary situation, or unravelling a grievance letter that has landed on your desk…

However, there are a multitude of other services the right HR Consultancy can provide, we have helped various clients with salary surveys, employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives, amongst the more traditional areas that you would expect an HR Consultancy to service:  


The benefit of using your HR Consultant for recruitment is that if you have worked with them for a while, they will know your people, your business goals and the culture of the organisation.  Here at HRCentral, we have a GDPR compliant Applicant Tracking System, that can be branded with your logos, incorporating a CRM. We respond to every applicant on your behalf, interview candidates and are significantly more cost-effective than an agent.  We will even write your job description and person specification for you. And can train your managers how to interview – what to ask, and more importantly what not to ask. Or, we can attend your offices and interview the candidates on your behalf.

Psychometric tests.

Our HR Consultants are trained in two different psychometric tests. DISC and SHL OPQ. These tests are an accurate way of predicting future behaviour in the workplace and are perfect for team building events. Lots of our clients use them as part of the recruitment process. A powerful tool offering good quality data about applicants. Great for development discussions too!

HR Information System

We are award-winning Gold Breathe partners and as such, can provide you with a fully set up HR Information system integrating all your employee’s data and business processes. Holidays recorded on spreadsheets are a nightmare to maintain and personal information on various systems is a GDPR data breach just waiting to happen! We can even maintain your system and keep the information up to date on an ongoing basis.

Bespoke HR paperwork

Contracts, policies and letter templates to suit your business needs and advice on how to roll them out. Performance management scripts, dealing with those difficult discussions and documenting them for you. And all legally compliant.


Independent sounding board for your management team – your in-house HR Manager is still an employee, and as such probably has a different relationship with you as a Senior Manager or Business Owner. Dealing with those difficult conversations, helping with organisational design, supporting your team impartially. Avoiding those awkward coffee machine conversations following a disciplinary conversation, especially difficult in a small working environment. We are HR Ninjas, conversation documented and then we leave you to it. Easier on everyone.


Bespoke training that resolves your training needs, without expensive external courses that take your team away from the office. We can train one, or all of your team for the same cost. Personal development training to satisfy a specific need, or to reflect your specific business goals, legal compliance or your team’s individual requirements.

To hire an HR professional or not to hire?

It is rare to find an HR Generalist who will cover, or would want to cover all these areas as an expert, be up to date and happy to flex to accommodate all the above in one role… and what happens when that person leaves?

Business continuity is so important in small business.

Call us to see how cost-efficient our packages are. We flex to provide you with outsourced HR to suit your business needs so you don’t have the massive overhead of hiring various different levels of HR professionals on a permanent basis.  

We have access to training professionals, HR Consultants, HR Administrators, remuneration and recruitment specialists all under one roof.

How do you satisfy your HR requirements? We take the pain of HR away, partnering with you to enable you as a business owner/Manager to focus on running the operational side of the business.  

Call us for a no-obligation discussion about the HR issues that keep you up at night!

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