Change Management

Is your business expanding or contracting? Either scenario can cause HR related issues. Are you acquiring another business? Are you downsizing or changing direction and need to let some people go? Maybe you’re moving offices and need to communicate these changes.

Change is often positive, but never without issues. We will help you take the strain by helping with:

  • Relocation of staff to new premises;
  • TUPE transfer issues;
  • Selling the business, putting all procedures and policies in place, resolving issues so you can sell with confidence;
  • Growing the business, communicating with all involved to ensure buy-in from everyone;
  • Downsizing, including helping to manage those employees who are staying in the business.

Case Study

Changes to the business can cause various time consuming HR issues.
The Company
Medium sized software company.
The Problem
Had outgrown their office space, but had no mobility clause in the existing contract so were planning to move locally. Staff were becoming anxious and the business risked potential issues with a lack of trust and confidence and a rumour mill that meant highly skilled employees with long service were starting to look for alternative employment.
Our Approach
We spoke to the managers to understand the concerns, and immediately came up with a plan to create a communication forum to negate the myths and rumours that were circulating amongst the staff.

Developed wording for letters and scripts, and attended communication sessions for the employees alongside the management team, advising them of the impact on their employment, of the benefit of the move, and advising them of their employment rights if they did not want to relocate locally.

The Result

All employees transferred, everyone saw the benefits, and the move went smoothly. It became a social event with everyone having allocated roles, as well as input to the planning and organisation of the move. The communication forums are still in place, being used for all companywide announcements and continuous improvement initiatives.

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