Meet Rebecca​

Rebecca Woolmington launched HRCentral in 2006. Prior to starting this reputable generalist HR consultancy business, Rebecca spent many years rapidly progressing and developing in the HR world.

A highly qualified and accomplished HR Consultant with over 20 years’ experience, Rebecca has successfully managed and grown HRCentral. Her experienced and talented team of Associates fully support HRCentral’s SME clients – most of whom have been with her for many years – with all their HR related issues.

Before establishing HRCentral, Rebecca’s last employed position was as Senior HR Manager/Business Partner at Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, now known as Amec Foster Wheeler. Whilst there, she was responsible for operational and strategic initiatives.

Rebecca invests considerable time and effort into ensuring that HRCentral’s clients receive the best service. Clients benefit from pragmatic and current HR advice, ensuring that their HR processes are both right for their business and legally compliant.

This focus on expert customer support has earnt HRCentral the reputation of trusted provider of HR generalist advice.

On a personal level, Rebecca lives in Oxfordshire with her family and her gorgeous Whippet, named Blue, who was recently promoted to ‘Head of Barketing and Wellbeing’, ensuring that Rebecca (or one of her team) get to exercise daily.

Meet Kelly

Being an integral part of the HRCentral team, we’d like to introduce you to our HR Administrator, Kelly. As a client, you will no doubt often find yourself speaking to her, so we wanted to share a bit about her here for you. It’s good to know who you’re talking to, after all!

When Rebecca first spoke to Kelly on the phone on application for the role, she knew even then that Kelly was the right person for the job, and would embrace HRCentral’s values. She seemed conscientious, friendly and likeable, and asked all the right questions. Having a CIPD qualification, it also turns out that she is a good listener – that’s an important skill to have in HR. Other attributes include tons of common sense, she’s neat and organised, and has a wonderful way of instilling a sense of calm to all around her.

Despite Rebecca’s instincts knowing that Kelly was right for the role, she thought she should practice what she preaches to her clients and carry out a psychometric testing to ensure that Kelly really was compatible with her management style and personality. Not surprisingly, she was!

Kelly’s background includes working in a veterinary practice as a fully qualified veterinary nurse. As well as having a love of animals, she also enjoys playing netball regularly, and running. Kelly also loves baking cakes – just as well, as they will help fuel her exercising! And just to show what a caring person she is, Kelly is also a foster carer for children that have been taken into care.

We’re delighted that Kelly is part of our team!

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