HR Audit & Legal Compliance

As an employer, you need to be legally compliant.

If you want to retain your employees and ensure your customers have consistent service provision, you need to adopt the best practice approach within the business. You may have had an HR related problem or issue and need to ensure that you are not prone to this again. Tribunals and issues with employee relations are expensive, not only in monetary terms but in time spent away from running your business.

As a business owner or senior decision maker within the business, it’s fair to say that you perhaps ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. We will identify areas of concern and work with you to ensure you are legally compliant and viewed by your team as a ‘good and fair employer’.

Our HR audits, carried out on site, will examine and evaluate your current working practice. HRCentral has honed our audit process over many years and across numerous industries and clients.

We will identify areas for improvement in the following:

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