HR Information System

We are proud to partner with BreatheHR – developers of an easy to use HR software designed specifically for SMEs.

We believe the success of your company is based on managing your employees, not from managing their personal files and storing reams of paper. Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, our HRIS is a cloud based HR software solution designed to calm the chaos, so you have more time to manage your business.

Cumbersome systems are officially a thing of the past. Now, with our HRIS, you can keep all your HR information in one place. By automating those time-consuming HR Admin tasks, the management of your HR administration function will be transformed.

HRIS Benefits

Our HRIS provides you with the tools to manage and support your business – or you may prefer us to do that for you. We already help many of our retained clients to manage their system, saving them even more valuable operational time. Benefits include:

To discuss how our HRIS can vastly reduce your HR admin time, and help to streamline employees’ holidays, absences, benefits and lots more, please get in touch today.