Bespoke HR Documentation

Documenting your Human Resource processes communicates ‘this is how we do things here’. Without these documented processes, all routine issues turn into exceptions. Bespoke HR policies, procedures and handbooks ensure that your people, one of your most important and expensive resources – understand the framework that governs their employment. We can help you with bespoke documents that reflect the way you operate and get the best from your team, including:
  • Handbooks
  • Appraisals
  • Policies
  • Letter templates
  • Contracts of employment
And most importantly, we will also provide management briefings and training, as well as help with implementation of your HR processes to ensure that everyone understands them. There is no point in having these processes and not implementing them correctly, which is where HRCentral will help.

Case Study

Contracts, handbooks and policies are all essential to ensure a consistent approach to managing your people.
The Company
A large restaurant chain.
The Problem
This very successful business had acquired various businesses and, as a result, employees too. This created the requirement for terms and conditions to be aligned across the combined set of employees.
Our Approach
We met with the decision makers and decided what needed to be included within the contract, handbook and policies to align the terms and conditions within the business.
  • We needed access to all documentation;
  • We needed to set up employee representation, to assist with communication and buy-in;
  • We needed meetings to communicate and cascade the changes to everyone in the business, via scripts, calls and face to face meetings.
The Result

A branded handbook that was tailored to the business requirements and detailed policies that could be used as a management tool/guide to ensure a consistent approach to all HR related issues, along with a contract template to be used for all existing and future employees.

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