Conflict Resolution

Very few clients want to have, or know how to have, difficult conversations with their employees. To ignore it will only result in one thing – more conflict. Experienced in dealing with scripting and having those difficult conversations, we can either assist you or give you the strategy as to how to resolve the conflict one way or another.

We can help with all HR related conflict:

  • Grievance investigations and documenting the outcome;
  • Disciplinary investigations and any associated paperwork;
  • Redundancy process and strategy, including associated paperwork;

Case Study

Capability issues, even when health related, can be resolved effectively.
The Company
Medium sized travel company.
The Problem
Our client reported one of their employees appeared to have lost interest in their work and was phoning in sick. Relations had broken down between the manager and his subordinate, and it was affecting the whole of his team; with one person less to do the work, tensions were rising.
Our Approach
We talked to the employee’s manager to glean background information about the situation and the employee’s circumstances. The employee was already going to her GP regularly. The manager had unsuccessfully tried to talk to the employee, with each attempt resulting in the employee breaking down in tears and being absent the next day.
  • Investigated to identify if we should be mindful of any disability discrimination issues and the employment law in relation to contractual issues and access to medical records;
  • Made ourselves readily available to support the manager via telephone and email, developing scripts and letters to issue to the employee;
  • Organised for the employee to have a telephone consultation with our Occupational Health contact.
The Result
  • The employee refused to take the advice from her GP or the OH professional;
  • After a couple of minor adjustments to the role, and more advice and various capability meetings (attended and documented by a consultant from HRCentral), the employee is back at work full-time and is still being monitored. The employee’s attendance and general output at work has improved as a result of these interventions.

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