Performance Management

Employees are the best and most expensive asset of an organisation. To ensure you get the best from your employees and a good return on your investment, you will require processes for monitoring and measuring performance. Are there employees within your business that could be working more efficiently or that are underperforming? Is there a disruptive employee that needs to be realigned with the business needs? We have vast experience of dealing with capability and performance management issues and systems.

We can help with the following:

  • Develop bespoke appraisal systems, in line with your business requirements;
  • Succession planning;
  • Career development strategies;
  • Target setting once appraisal system in place;
  • Capability issues, for a situation where your employee can do the job but is choosing not to. Let HRCentral investigate why, and put them back on track;
  • Underperforming employees;
  • Sickness absenteeism.

Case Study

Pay rises awarded with no target setting, no real data on return on investment.
The Company
A medium sized media company.
The Problem
No consistent approach within the business to appraisals and target setting. No visibility of performance, achievements or areas where intervention was required to realign certain employees with business goals and company values. A bespoke appraisal system was required.
Our Approach
We were already working with the management team to resolve capability issues within the team. We met with the owner of the company to acquire background information about business goals, and to audit what was already in place.
  • Recommended that transparent two way conversations be part of the appraisal process;
  • That the outcome of these discussions should be captured as targets, action plans and training needs;
  • Two-way ownership from management and employees;
  • There should be flexibility depending on the role, the individual, and the ever changing business environment;
  • That the managers’ training needs were addressed, being target setting and active listening.
The Result

Bespoke appraisal documents were developed and rolled out in line with business requirements to monitor the targets of everyone in the business. Communication was improved. Business needs were cascaded to all employees. Ideas the employees had for continuous improvement and their roles within the business were implemented, and the data generated was used to justify appropriate pay increases – that were measured on output and displaying the right behaviours and values.

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