Every day is Data Privacy Day

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#DataPrivacyDay, also known as Data Protection Day is an International day that occurs annually on the 28th of January. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practises. So here goes…

As an HR Consultancy, we have noticed that Companies are focused on the requirements of GDPR and the importance of protecting their employee data, but what about the data belonging to your potential employees? How do organisations and in particular SME, who may not have an Human Resources presence, manage the privacy of their applicants?

We are delighted to have discovered an applicant tracking system that respects and protects the privacy of the applicants that apply to our client’s vacancies through an easy to use portal. All applicants sign up to a privacy policy – a good start.

The applicant’s details are stored in the ATS and are only accessible by the Hiring or HR Manager/Consultant dealing with the vacancy, via a password protected login process.

How many of you reading this blog can say with their hand on their heart that they have no downloaded CV’s of applicants or personal details of that ideal candidate who may be a great fit for the future, who you wanted to keep on file?

Personal information festering on the Company servers and in your email inbox or sent items…

How do you store an applicant’s details so that you are not in breach of the privacy laws, and the applicant’s details are not stored for longer than they should be?

A data storage policy will communicate who should have access to the candidate’s data, where the data is stored and for how long, this policy should be circulated and ‘signed up to’ by all employees within the business who are involved in the recruitment process. Many HR information systems have a ‘read receipt’ function for this very purpose.

HRCentral Limited are really proud to partner with BreatheHR, who provide HR information systems and EasyWeb who provide our easy to use applicant tracking system. These systems work seamlessly together, successful applicants can be imported to the BreatheHR system effortlessly, protecting sensitive data and saving time.

Benefits of using our ATS:

  • Job pages are optimised for search engines
  • Fully branded with your logo for seamless integration with your existing website – professionally representing your brand
  • Easy to apply – great candidate experience, the system will also email all candidates who have left half way through their application reminding them to complete the application
  • CV’s only stored with the candidate’s express permission
  • Password protected access ensures that the data is stored safely

If you need advice on data privacy policies or GDPR compliant employee or applicant data storage or just to chat about how to improve your recruitment process, we would love to hear from you.

Alternatively, if you would like a 14-day trial of our BreatheHR HR administration portal click on the link below, or get in touch. We can help with setting systems up too, saving you valuable time to go through your in box/server and ensure there are no CV’s with personal data lurking within…

0118 324 2526



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